Virtual Forum

Virtual Forum

Engage in a virtual interaction with friends and colleagues across the world by joining the public forum where you can discuss the topic of your choice or if you have a query and looking for resolution. The forum has a wide range of topics like games software coding language property development parenting dating and many more.

If you want to work alone then join the private room where you can be by yourself and focus on your work in solitude.

Both the public forum and private rooms have access to cool features, for example, you can see your desktop in the virtual forum. To find out more about the product and features please click the link below.

Our Products

Virtual Desktop

Use can see his desktop screen, browse, watch movies or work in virtual environment.

 Desktop Sharing

User can share your desktop/laptop screen with other users while discussing a topic.

Custom Avatars

User can select from a predefined list of avatars or create your own by editing the avatar.

Public Rooms

Hangout with friends or meet new once in public rooms. 1- 8 players per room.

Private Room

Work in silo/ alone by entering the private room.

Private TXT Chats

Chat with friends while holding a conversation in a public rooms.

Virtual Environment

User can change the surroundings to Beach, Space, Forest, Office and Nature.

Head and Body moment recognition

Interact with your friends as you do in real world