Virtual Forum

Virtual Forum

Engage yourself by interacting with friends and online users across the world in a virtual environment, switch the virtual environment to space, forest, beach or an office conference room to suit your mood.

Create a discussion topic with friends or colleagues located at geographically distributed location and interact with them as if you are discussing together is a same physical location.

If you want to work in solitude then enter the standalone virtual room, set your virtual environment to suit your mood and work peacefully on your desktop/laptop screen.

Key Features

Virtual Desktop

Use can see his desktop screen, browse, watch movies or work in virtual environment.

 Desktop Sharing

User can share your desktop/laptop screen with other users while discussing a topic.

Virtual Avatars

User can select from a predefined list of avatars or create your own by editing the avatar.

Public Rooms

Hangout with friends or meet new once in public rooms. 1- 8 players per room.

Private Room

Work in silo/ alone by entering the private room.

Private TXT Chats

Chat with friends while holding a conversation in a public rooms.

Virtual Environment

User can change the surroundings to Beach, Space, Forest, Office and Nature.

Head and Body moment recognition

Interact with your friends as you do in real world

Core Features

Virtual World

Teleport to dozens of places like a luxury apartment, campfire, theaters and space!

Custom Avatars

Customize your style, with many options for your hair, Skin, eyes and More

Private & Public Rooms

Hangout with friends, or meet new once in public rooms. 1- 4 players per room.

Voice Chat

Chat with your friends with high-quality positional VOIP

Desktop Sharing

Look at each other’s screens with desktop screen sharing.


Supports Oculus Touch, Oculus Remote, HTC Vive, and Leap Motion.

Multiple Monitors

Surround yourself with up to 3 massive floating monitors